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There are many reasons why you might want to find a qualified social media manager. This page goes over the reasons why your small business needs a professional to manage your social media accounts. Social media is much different than other types of advertising and reputation management. I wish it was as easy as people make it out to be. There are some tips listed on this page about managing your facebook, twitter, google plus and yelp page.

How Do You get a Following?

There are many ways to get a following on your social media accounts. One way is to get them organically which is the longest way to get your social media followers. Next, you can do advertising on Facebook which is a great way to get a following. From experience, I have learned that the power of $5 on facebook can increase your interactions by 300%. The other thing I will mention is using services for SEO's that help you get more followers and interaction. Many of these are free and great for marketers on a bootstring budget.

How Do I keep My Following?

If this were simple everyone would blow up like Josh Groban on twitter and have 100 giggling cougars checking out their page. Well, I can't promise you that you'll have as many followers as the greatest singer of our generation but there are a couple things you can do to keep your audience entertained. First, Post things that are niche related. If you are in the insurance business find things that are educational about the insurance business.

Another trick is to find content niche related about your industry that is already viral. Think about the reason why most people use facebook and twitter. They use it for entertainment value. No one on Facebook or twitter wants to be sold 24 hours a day. Find some viral entertaining content to keep your users interested and sharing your brand around the internet.

How Can You Manage Your Online Image?

This is one of the most difficult things that any small business can do. Your reputation matters when it comes to online image. You don't want to have a hundred angry customers telling everyone that your businesses sucks. There are a few things you can do to manage your online reputation.

1) Respond Quickly To Bad Reviews

This should be common sense however many business overs don't watch their online reviews. This is something that is so important that it should take a priority. One way to stay on top of it is to add all business accounts on your phone so you get notifications when someone reviews your business. You want to know before anyone else when you receive a bad rewiew

2)Always Thank Your Customers that Give You a Good Review

This is another item that is really important. Thank the customers who give you good reviews. You want to draw attention to the people who like your product or service; furthermore, it is so much more economically feasible to keep your returning customers coming back for more.

3)Stick Up For Yourself

When someone is being a rat bastard don't feel bad about putting them in their place. One way is to talk about you company policies online and why you have them. As an example if you own a restaurant and you don't deliver food, then explain to an angry review that this is to keep your food quality up and you won't deliver food because you have high standards.

4)Don't Get Angry

Your reputation management will take some skill. The way to really stop a social media fight is to be a nice but stern at the same time. When someone gives you bad feedback explain why it happen then thank them for their feedback and concern. This is the simplest way to de-escalate an online argument and make you look like the "good guy."

5)Troll the Troll

Online reputation management is an artform. One of the things you can do is troll the troll when they are spamming your page with dumb comments. That is when you can be immature and get a laugh out of your audience.

Where can you find Social Media Experts To Help You?

There are social media experts all over the world that can assist you with your social campaigns. Generally SEO and Search Engine Experts can assist you with ranking and managing your social networks. At the bottom of this page, we will have experts at social marketing listed by country.

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